Pathways are a crucial part of a territory and an essential element for the development of human activities.

Knowing and defining the public network of pathways is basic for the preservation of common goods, managing rural spaces and facilitate peaceful coexistence among neighbours.

The Santa Eulària des Riu Council is responsible for the creation of a Municipal Catalogue of Pathways, a chance for the collective construction of a more balanced territory where its heritage is properly appreciated.

Do you own a plot of land and you would like to
clarify who the pathway leading to it belongs to?

Do you remember an old pathway which is currently in disuse
and you would like to find out if it is a public pathway?

Do you think there are breaches of law related to the use of a pathway
and would like to solve it legally?

Do you need to prepare a field trip and would like
to confirm you are going to walk on public pathways?

The Santa Eulària des Riu Council intends to use the Municipal Catalogue of Pathways as a tool to contribute to the protection and management of its rural road network.

Thanks to an open Request for Proposal, the company Centmans Societat Cooperativa is elaborating the Municipal Catalogue of the Santa Eularia des Riu Pathways.

The aim of this three-year-long service (2021-2024), is to document 400 kilometres of rural pathways.

How is the Municipal Catalogue of the Santa Eularia des Riu Pathways being elaborated?

Documentary and oral sources —as well as field work— are being made use of to account for the ownership of every pathway.
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A multidisciplinary team which knows the territory and uses geographic information systems (SIG, Sistemes d’informació geogràfica).
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The outcome of all this work is a catalogue that contains the cartography of the analyzed pathways and a detailed proposal for their ownership.
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The Pathways Catalogue is an administrative register identifying and describing the municipally-owned pathways, as well as the official hiking trails and the roads that have a special heritage interest.

Based on the study of documentary and oral sources/field work, their ownership is determined and the layout of the pathways is drawn on a public cartography.

The Catalogue allows a global understanding of the issues arising from the rural road network.


1.000 km of
pathways network
in the municipality

400 km of pathways
are being studied by
means of this project

3 years of fieldwork
research by a
multidisciplinary team

Which pathways are we working on?

The project team is working on the 1000-km real network of pathways in the Santa Eulària des Riu municipality.

With this 3-year-long project, the ownership of 400 km of pathways will be determined. Once the study is finished, the municipal plenary will be able to update its Inventory of public roads.

The pathways studied are marked in red. To see the name of a pathway, click on the red line.

[This map will keep being updated with new pathways as the project progresses]

Do you have relevant information on one pathway?

We rely on the collaboration of the inhabitants of Santa Eulària des Riu
to help us elaborate this Pathways Catalogue.

If you have information about a pathway, and would like to share it,
we will be taking it into account in the ownership study.

Contact us by sending us an email at

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